Friday, February 29, 2008


Boy, has it been a long time since I last posted. Terrible of me. But who knew college students actually got busy?

That's my excuse anyhow.

Loads have been going on, so I guess I'll give a few main points.

First semester flew by. I made it through with a 4.0. Glorious. This semester is a whole different story, sadly.

I have tons of work and reading for all of my classes. Especially journalism.

I guess that's life though. It's college at least.

I'm getting much better at the whole 'survival' thing without my family. Sure, I still miss them like crazy, but it's getting a lot easier. I won't lie though, it got worse before it got better. Going home for a whole month for Christmas break. Man, it nearly killed me coming back to Austin and readjusting yet again.

I suppose that's just another part of life.

I'm not really in that much of a mood to write a blog. Just thought I ought to start somewhere. So here it is.

I'll try to get into a more normal habit again.

Until then