Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Apologies

Not writing for about 10 days is just part of the Blogging world. I apologize. So I'm really excited about getting to see everyone back home. Good times. But, I do love it in Austin, so I was glad to be back in the ATX.
I must confess, this blog won't be much to write home about. I'm just writing to make sure I keep up with this thing. I ended up making a 77 on my Biology test which, I must add, was one point above average! And, as you all know, that is passing!! Yay!! (This isn't a grade I would usually be proud of, but I really thought I bombed it..some of you know that)
I just took a journalism test. I was really worried about this one too, but thankfully, it was actually easy! *knock on wood* It was really long. 72 multiple choice/true or false and an essay with 7 different points to mention. In just over an hour. College.
Anyhow, I was pretty confident.
Now it's naptime!


BrotherBoog said...

That video you posted as a comment was killer & creepy & gripping...thanks. Congrats on the Bio Test...why no comments about kstate?

MIKE said...

I used to be a big fan of this blog...but then the author stopped updating it and I kept forgetting to check.